A Democratic Weakness: Waves of Populism

Popularity should not be close to being a defining absolute. It should be a tool of recognition rather than for organization. Impulsive popularity should not be popular. So how can we assure popularity should not be popular? Never an easy answer to this one. 

It’s like using salt upon something yet doing so without making it salty. Too much salt may preserve something, but too little and it spoils. Prior to refrigeration, something being preserved was just fine overwhelmed in salt, that is, until it needs to be consumed. Then we need desalinization, an additional process more difficult than making it salty in the first place.

If popularity was intrinsic within being right, Hitler would not have risen to power and Jesus would not have been executed. Somewhere within the state of salt and preservatives, emerging leadership figures, forged by popularity alone, are not vetted for healthy consumption. Popularity doesn’t provide this kind of discrimination. It is a weakness of a democratic politic, infested with abundant moral immaturity. 

so it is with Jewish philosophy eminating from secular communists of the pre war Euro academia. They bleieved the best way to alchieve Semitic safety was to neuter truth and absolutes, thereby impeding the rise of an Authoritarian Personality (and thus we have the name of one of their books).

But they are headed to a war with Christiants who will never yield to such a notion. But mass popularity was the surface reason Hitler rose. SO it is natural to formulate a culture and society to prevetn such a monster again. Although we can empathize with their effort, the means is apostate. Faith must be a factor, but popluarity alone is an enemy of faith. Consensus is different. Popularity suggests that emotion, the swell of entusiasm can garner enough wisdom to do what is right. COnsensus drafts from contemplation and hopefully a reserve, eschewing haste to obtain a coherent and rational path. It may be that popularity under the retraint of consensus can emerge beneficial, that was the hope of our AMerican Forfathers. They devised such a system that has worked so far. But enter the progressieves, the secualrists and others filled with fear and envy wishing to re-engineer our republic for narrow goals. They don’t peddle them as narrow. They try to identify, notify and pacify any victim group while the real goal is sated in teh effort. The more immoral or hostile these groups can be to morality the better. IF they can be depicted as being threatened by morality, or Christian bigotry the all the better. IN fact, truth itself, being the large part of morality has been under attack for this very reason. Horkhiemer and Marcuse were masters at this effort. THey invented the phrase, couterculture. Guess shy? Christianity be damned. YOu see its from a sense of pride in one’s self, a pride in your nation or even a leader that can turn against the Jew, overnight. So, knowing that cultural engineering will not destroy the fabric of Jewsih culture for it is strong, to hell with the gentiles and their religions, especially Christianity, the illegitimate religion anyway. It can be sacrificed and destroyed since it claims to be a part of Judaism. So close, it is the dire threat, that is, in the mind of the progressive. 

So American morlaity and values? The above briefly explains not only why it is under attack but by who. Before anyone goes berzerk about anti-semitism adn bigotry, know that the conservative Jew is our national treasure. Today, it is almost him exclusively that can wage the culture war fomented by his brother, the apostate Jew.

Th above isn’t new thought nor my unique quandary to ponder here:

John Adams said: ” We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  October 11, 1798

A noble and desired ambient condition of civilized culture is its wisdom to distinguish what should be become popular. Liberty,  infested with rogue auto-immune forces, stripped of the directives of absolutes and faith,  succumbs to anaphylactic shock, swelling it with increasing partial/entitlement demands and it approaches a terminal suffocation. No need for an external enemy.

Progressive liberalism today propagates the notion that anything popular is therefore eligible for a “progressive” society. Ignorance itself even poses as an apex tenet of freedom, becoming a “right” rather than an immaturity or impairment. In this demented state, the more revolting and repulsive is coddled, the more pseudo-freedom is ostensibly expanded.

The right to pursue happiness.

The pursuit of unqualified progressive happiness (bliss) can pose as abiding inner peace. But it is what “the world gives” not the “peace that passes all understanding”.

Taking a ride to the ice-cream stand has a marked difference in tone to the ride to work. If we vote for a politician that promotes rides to the ice-cream stand rather than work we will fail in sustaining our democracy. Such is the descent of reason behind the liberal’s prime manufacturing obsession, entitlements.

So it is with the progressive liberal position: “ice-cream for everyone!” But it is brought to you from other’s provision. It was taken from  fruit earned through their own efforts participating in risk and reward. Leveling the playing field doesn’t mean tilting it in handicap for popular perception of fairness. The field is either level and just, or it is askew for subjective motives.

Today’s secular progressive promote “fairness” superseding justice while posing as justice, “social justice”. Institutionalized fairness no longer is the manageable enemy of justice, it becomes its tyrant. They confuse “equal rights” with equal outcome.

So lets talk about God’s giftings and propserity, with God’s varying  distribution thereof.

Socialism therefore subverts faith, tampering, slandering and vandalizing it beyond recognition. Carnal fears and insecurity demand appeasement and to be consoled. The liberals are expert in stimulating discontent and inordinate appetites where we have been advised to wait on adn trust in the Lord. “In God we trust”. The motto did mean something adn was commonly understood. CUltural engineering has swept the obvious away.

Progressives  incite passions and fears, then strive to become the cure and answer to the problems they created. In so doing, they are appealing to the primal needs of man so that his sustenance and dependencies become met entirely without God. Removing God from showing Himself a provider and rewarder of those who seek Him? TI attacks faith, making people wards of the state, dependent upon the state rather than God. This is dangerous territory.

Our thirst and hunger for God is a sacred condition that He establishes deep into our being. Anyone or anything intercepting, subverting and supplying this need will be singled out for swift and full judgment. A state or ruler-ship that embarks on this agenda with its people’s will fail in profound way. Look at communism,if for no other reason, it failed for this one. 

This is why separation of church and state was an exclusively Christian ideal. Honorable men understand that God’s power is capable to move and work without the aid and power of the state. The state however, under progressivism, is ever demanding more power to enforce and control mankind as subjects rather than citizens. In its apostate and dead condition, it has no ability to have faith in God’s provision. It is hostile to it and will destroy any belief that independently thrives outside of its control. This is a result of fear, and that fear is not organic, it is imposed per Deuternomy 28.

There can be no more organized and desperate insult to God other than human sacrifice. Socialism reaches a high repugnant tier of second place to overt anti-Christ.

State provisionism is hostile to God’s efforts without understanding why. Creating discontent, victimization and a class distinction where there are none is an agenda thwarting a people’s ability to comprehend God’s movement on their behalf. If you are fomenting bitterness you are agents identical to the 10 scouts through which an entire nation was sentenced to die, specifically, all those over the age of 20. These things quickly enrage God and may likely do more damage than mindless cults. If we could see the humanity being devoured by satanic efforts, far more go down within organized state secularism than the random stupidity of frenzied cults.

One main reason is that cults dupe and squeeze the resources out of their victims faster and without any returns except suicide.

Warning: Do not remove or alter the realm of faith, displacing God’s primary system for man’s advancement in pleasing Him and learning wisdom. Nimrod attempted to do this and enacted a global multiculturalism, then direct intervention was sent by God. It was specifically given to us to divide us and hinder us. Humanism is not to be “popular” and revered. It is a consequence, nothing  noble or virtuous. The prime item God used to neuter man’s acquisition of his forfeited power was simply to impart differing languages.

“we need to reject this notion that somebody’s need,  somebody who doesn’t have health insurance, somebody who doesn’t have a pension, or that somebody who doesn’t have money to buy food, lays a claim , a moral claim, and a political claim on my life,  on my productivity on my success, if we can reject that, then capitalism and freedom  are easy to achieve after that”. Yaron Brook 


 A similar quote is this:

”You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by
legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives withoutworking for, another person must work for without receiving.The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else
is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

~~~~~ Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1988

In their arrogance, secular humanism, in the form of progressive socialism, dismantles moral absolutes. This delusion that first smears absolutes seemingly creates more peace for everyone. This movement is deliberate and called the “counterculture”, a term invented by Max Horkheimer.  As head of the Frankfort School, he advocated this social engineering effort with precise targeting. This effort targeted the generational annihilation of universals, truth and absolutes. He felt that if a society had none of these, they would be bewildered and could find no leaders to carry them into nationalism, like Nazi Germany. Thus, modern American liberalism was born.

 It leaves a terrible void in a society. Any persons from the prior culture either must die or be killed. This is why a ruthlessness is seen in Godless & atheistic states, where the Abrahamic Covenant failed to influence and preserve. Over 100,000,000 people were murdered die in the last century alone to this ideology. It was created by those apostate agents who wandered to replace their Ichabod inheritance with man-made substitutes. Tragic.  It has left a wasteland wherever it has been enforced. So we see today how it has fulfilled this ancient axiom, as the Pictish chieftain Calgacus said of rampaging Roman conquests:

 “they make a [moral] desert and call it peace”.

( I inserted the word “moral”)

So the cure to the effects of salacious popularity is a moral people, investing back into those things that begat and make up American Exceptionalism. Understanding the Creator’s “inalienable rights”, what they really are and a trustable God Who has given them to us.

Sadly, our society has learned and knows more about the Thrid Reich and its Nazi founders than we do about American Exceptionalism and its American founders. This is not incidental, it is a deliberate tenet of communist cultural engineering since the mid 30’s. How obvious this secularization and its envy is when the power of a Godly liberty through American Exceptionalism is what defeated the Nazis, and many other enemies of liberty.

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