Random and Senseless

Random acts, senseless beauty!

“perform random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty”

The bumper sticker goes something like that. Seems wonderful doesn’t it?

Sounds sweet and blameless. Who could find fault with that concept?

I say Jesus does. He wasn’t executed for spreading pixie dust in a robe, sandals and a wand. A pinch here and a pinch there. He didn’t perform anything random or senseless, or design His itinerary by astral roulette. He didn’t die for happiness and the genre of feelings. 

His efforts weren’t to nullify guilt but to establish peace that passes understanding. Peace that is derived from eternity, not a bliss dependant upon the fading moment dependent upon created things.  

He was about and doing the will of the Father. The authorities ruling over His life, the Jewish leaders didn’t feel that He was harmlessly and senselessly spreading spontaneous good cheer either. Jesus was quite specific. “I bring the sword”. Sure  He provided needs of man while ripping bread and fishes. But that is His mission, addressing needs, whether feeding hungry masses or rebuking religious tyranny.

It is all love, in the form of the Way, truth and Life.  So He brought a senseless sword or a random sword? All power in Heaven and earth is given unto Him. Was He in some new-aged stupor assuming  special sitting positions reveal actual mysteries? No one is martyred for something like that.

But random and senseless disposition releases the humanist spirit to fawn and flatter man’s idea and pursuit of goodness without any accountability. It is “feeling” oriented and subject to no authority, no reporting to any accountability or subjection bringing meaning to the title, Lord. 

The problem with mankind isn’t the desire to do good, it is rejecting the good God wants, to be subjects of a kingdom, under One that has all authority.  Mankind wants to do his own thing at all times and his religions feeds that desire more than they restrain it.
The centurion said “I too am a man under authority…”. Maybe we shouldn’t forget about that; being under authority.

He says “My sheep hear my voice”. Oh really, do they? Would that be some random & senseless voice”? OK, I guess it means that while you are waiting to hear from God upon His real will, to do it, we should be sowing random and senseless sweetness just in case?

Wasn’t that the issue between Mary and Martha? One was into the rituals of goodness and the utility of compulsory service while another sensed Jesus’ need and tended to it. Neither are very random. Do we randomly sense Jesus’ need or do we relish to seek it out with great care? I mean if we just do enough good then we’ll just randomly accomplish God’s will anyway by default? No way.

Doing sweet things on our senseless schedules or by a crude notion of randomness is not noble nor building anything, nor His Kingdom. It seems so selfless but it is really rooted in a grotesque selfishness. It plays into a disregard for the power He has given us. “Having the form of Godliness but denying the power”. There is no way to do greater things than Him by accident and casual spurts of senselessness.

We are not even to bless the heretic or apostate. If you are into the random and senseless then you are deep into a goofy dissipation ignorantly blessing anything that comes along. Really, it is dilution, dissipation, irresponsibility and ultimately it is rebellion, doing your own thing.  It is flattery to assume that we can get what God wants done by wandering around smiling, hugging and ultimately committing flattery. “There is a way that seems right in the eyes of a man but the end thereof leads to death”.

If you are doing things randomly and senselessly, you get the credit. The fact that no one calls you out for doing things like that is proof it is no threat to the enemy. Go to church, do random things, ignoring the specific will of God, and the enemy leaves you alone.

General McArthur said there are 4 things that go into a strong army:

1) strength 2) supply 3) morale 4) knowledge of the enemy

There is no difference in the Army of God. Yes it needs to be said. It’s an army, as in militant. Waging war, not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities supporting those who might seem so “nice” outwardly.

Nice. That’s another term that can be revolting. Andy Rooney of 60 minutes interviewed or saw the comments of mothers from mass murders and serial killers like Berkowitz and Bundy. He said the mothers were asked about their sons after being caught. The mothers all said “he was such a nice boy”. Andy then asked into the camera, “if these were the nice boys, then what were all the bad boys doing?”

So let’s go over what makes for a nice army:

1) strength, it is that power which only comes from Jesus begat by a relationship with Him by relentless faith. Why relentless? Well, without it, we do not please God and whatsoever is not of faith is sin. So what else are we to do? Seek to act in faith I’d say. He says, “Apart from me you can do nothing”

2) supply it is a reaping which comes from sowing, tithing, serving and giving to one another..”give and you shall receive”.

3) morale comes from being in submission to authority and not being your own authority and the mere doing of  righteousness “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. Seeking “His righteousness”.

4) knowledge of the enemy comes from fear of God “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding”. Prov 9:10 so if you need to form tactics, you need wisdom and understanding to do it effectively. These items are elements of grace, the kind God gives to the humble.

So an army has tactics and strategy. What army could possibly be effective if leadership deployed the random and senseless?

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